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In times of conflict and chaos, peace is hard to find and beauty is hard to see.  People are busy trying to save their jobs, their homes, their children, their very lives.  We live in troubled times, with tragedy and suffering all around us.  How do we break the pattern of only seeing the worst?  What makes us change?

In the evening on our farm, I’ll be rushing around doing chores, feeding chickens and barn cats, bringing the horses in for dinner, focused on the tasks at hand.   And then, I look up.  What I see is spectacular.  Breath taking.  My world stops.  My to do list vanishes.  All my worries disintegrate into thin air.  The color of the sky–it’s sheer beauty–transports me to a state of peace.

The moment is fleeting.  Gone before I catch my breath.  When there is time, I grab my camera to capture an image with the hope that it will continue to carry me to a place without deadlines, without worry.

I’ve learned to see the world through the eyes of an artist.  Every day my mind buzzes with possibilities.  Paint.  Clay.  Fabric.  Photos.  Spaces.  Words.  But without moments of peace, none will come to fruition.  It is my greatest challenge–to balance the fast paced creative mind with stillness.  When I find it, all I need is to let it flow through me and out my fingers.

All?  It takes every fiber of my being to make it happen for even an hour. To finish takes sterner stuff.  It takes focus.  Continuity.  Steadfastness. This is my journey . . . and my art.  A blending of impulsive responses to my environment with the structure needed to communicate my heart.  It’s a struggle every day–and a joy.  Perhaps you will find beauty in my work . . . may it bring you peace.

From peace comes beauty.  From beauty comes peace.


4 thoughts on “About Deborah

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  2. Hi Deborah!
    Thanks so much for sharing my Tin House article on “How to stay sane while querying literary agents.” Your site is great, as is your spirit and enthusiasm. Keep up the great work!

  3. Deborah,
    I definitely feel that I have found a kindred spirit, or that she has found me. Were I inclined to so generously “put myself out there” as you have done, I would have said just the same.
    Please tell me what prompted your friend request.

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