Margaret Atwood has us rolling in the aisles again!

I found this link through an email blog I follow from O’Reilly Publishing.

Margaret had us rolling in the aisles when I saw her live at AWP Conference in Chicago.  I was thrilled to discover this U-tube so I could share the delight I experienced seeing her in person.  Here, she’s speaking of the changes that have occurred over time between the author and publishing entities.  And, she illustrates with her own original “marker” drawings.  You’ve got to see this if you follow the changes that are currently taking place in the Book World.  We all need a good laugh now and then.

The video is timely for me because I am researching the Self-Pub process and what it would take if I were to chose that route.  It seems that in today’s market, writer’s need to develop their audience if they want any leverage in negotiating with the Big Six.  If we’re going to do all the editing, proofing and marketing on our first book, then we might as well get the income that would come from it.  As Margaret Atwood says, we need to buy a few “cheese sandwiches” to sustain us through the marathon process of publishing.  I’ll need a little extra because tofu cheese costs more (I’m lactose intolerant).

Here’s a link to her publisher’s page at Curtis Brown

My next research step on the road to E-Pub is Jane Friedman’s class on-line this Thursday.  I’ll report back on all the new insights I’m sure I will get.

Let me know through comments if any of you are also on the road to self-publishing.  Maybe we can pool our resources and make a few less mistakes.