Lets Begin



With all the radiation flying around in Japan, and non-stop human suffering, it’s hard to concentrate on everyday tasks at hand.  Having a sensitive nervous system that responds to tragedy by either shutting down or exploding with high anxiety, I try to limit my exposure to the news.  An hour in the morning and then again at night, split between local weather and national nightmare, is about all I can take.  To save precious time, I skip over the commercials by recording everything first.  That makes it near impossible to vote for my favorite American Idle, but it gives me time to write.  In the morning, I break up my news addiction with email and blogs effusing advice for writers.

When it comes to my own writing, in addition to working on my book, I’ve struggled with what to blog about on this website.  I’ve considered discussing women’s issues intertwined with spiritual insights and discussion of events I’ve attended.  I know I’ll use my photos from around my farm.  I’ve decided to begin with sharing tidbits from my favorite books that I’ve been reading on writing, both bought and borrowed, and accent with a dash of referrals to blogs that made me think and smile.

It’s tough to get a handle on where to start due to the plethora of blogs on line that bounce you back and forth, referring to other sites of friends and supporters. I guess I’m adding to the deluge.

For me, the web easily becomes a black hole.  When I fall in, there’s no time left to transfer all my scribbles on yellow pads that lie about my desk.  They are gathered from car rides, sleepless nights and early morning flashes of brilliance, and need to be loaded into my Mac.

One hopeful solution is the program Dragon.   www.macspeech.com/dragon It remains for now on my wish list, though it has moved to the top of the line, primarily because it would allow me to stand and move a bit while vocally transferring pen and paper to electronic type.  My old friends arthritis and fibromyalgia restrict my sitting  to preferred one-hour stints.  (Hmm.  There seems to be a pattern here, one hour at a time.)

Typing has been additionally handicapped these last eight months due to a severely shattered wrist.  While rushing, I tripped on a rug and went flying through the air, landing on unforgiving ceramic tile.  It’s taken three surgeries to repair the damage.  So, I’ve learned to type one-handed.  On a good day, I can use one finger on my casted hand which really speeds up the process.  I try not to complain.  So many have it worse than I and I know it won’t be long before I’m almost as good as new.

Anyway, I want to share the books and blogs that I’ve found valuable.  So, keep an eye out for my next post.  I’ve got several to tell you about.

If you are interested in my art work, check out my webpage:  www.trottownstudios.com

It’s still under development (I’m doing all the design myself and there’s lots to learn) so keep a look out for new additions to it.

I also have a blog about the farm  leafriverwriter.blogspot.com recounting our struggles and mishaps (like getting snowed in the last two winters).  Please forgive the absence of posts during the months when my wrist was injured.  I’m getting back on track, and hope to make additions to both sights soon.  There you’ll see all my animals: horses, chickens, dogs and lots of cats.  Hey, I’ve got to do something with all those pictures.  Might as well share the joy.